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Why Your Office needs a Raised Access Floor


Why Your Office needs a Raised Access Floor

What is an office if it doesn’t look professional? Without a professional look, a formal meet-up with clients seems less important. From the interiors to the décor to the way you dress, professionalism should brim from it all. What about the floor? This hidden in plain sight platform makes a difference too just like a pair of polished shoes that everyone notices.
The originally constructed floor can work but not for long. There are reasons why an extra floor a few inches above the original ground is required. We’ll soon get into the details. Let’s first talk about what we mean.
provide an aesthetic appeal in look and feel. It can turn a corporate space into a professional environment improving and increasing clientele footfalls. However, are office raised or raised access floors only meant for looking pretty? These certainly have other functionalities that can benefit any professional setup.

Uses of an office raised floor

A raised access or an office raised floor is a platform installed a few inches above the original flooring. An office setting would find this type of floor hugely beneficial, especially in terms of wires and running cables. Business setups always have computer systems running or other operational devices. As these are powered via wires or cables, the office would be challenged by more than just footsteps.
How would loose wires look sprawling across the floor? Definitely unprofessional to the clients! Employees could trip and suffer a bad fall when these wires come in the way. People don’t want to be pulling a Mission Impossible heist every time they walk in and out of an office. So, in the interest of safety as a number one priority, raised access floors can be of great use.
The office is a sacred space where work gets done but not for accidental face-to-the-floor trips. Imagine the time and effort that is lost as employees encounter falling every time over loose wiring. Lost time at work is an expensive loss-making deal for any company. We have to look at minimizing any type of accidents caused by running cables and wired plugs.
But where can one install office raised floors? Are there areas suitable and not suitable for these types of floors?

 huiya office raised floor
Spaces that are suitable for office raised flooring

Not all setups require raised flooring but if you have the following spaces then prepare for an upgrade.
· Open office areas
· Computer rooms 
· Training areas
· Conference rooms
· Support spaces for electrical rooms
· Cleaning storerooms
Areas not suitable include loading and storage rooms, UPS, trash rooms, child care, and emergency generator rooms. Let’s take a look at more areas that are not suited to office raised flooring. It is also important to know why these areas are not suitable.
· Slab on grade – Over a period of time, contamination can occur with heat, contaminants, and moisture.
· Wet areas like toilets – Plumbing fixtures may leak over time and lead to corrosion and deterioration.
· Food preparations – Due to high humidity and possible spillage of food, resulting in improper seepage.
· Fire Stairs – Not possible construction-wise.
· Laboratories – The presence of plumbing, chemical, and biological spills, including moisture can lead to contamination.
· Mechanical equipment – Rooms containing mechanical equipment like chillers or boilers. Such equipment requires a specific environment and temperature that can lead to damage of the raised floorings.
Before you decide to buy , consult any expert involved in professional floor raising services. You can  for further details and we will offer you the best deal.

 office raised floor with carpet
Advantages of an office raised floor

There are several advantages of an office raised floor.
· It is waterproof. Therefore, no mold and other water-borne irritants.
· In high seismic regions, a raised floor can help in reducing the costs of construction.
· Raised flooring can help with managing airflow, thus, heating and cooling a room.
· Custom-made flooring can be designed based on the requirements such as sealing, polishing, and stamping.
· This type of floor offers acoustic isolation which proves to be another advantage. This helps in noise reduction or absorption.
· Elevated flooring is very useful in extremely windy areas. The system can improve the lateral resistance and strengthen the support of multi-story buildings.
· Raised flooring proves to be very beneficial for fire hazards. It acts as a platform to allow fire suppression.
bare raised floor with spc floor tiles
You can buy office raised floor from i.e. directly buy from factory quantity. You could also purchase from our local store. Huiya, a leading supplier of raised floor systems can advise you on the local store. You can visit any time to place your order. 
Basic can be offered in a variety of materials such as concrete-filled, aluminum, woodcore, and steel. What you select depends on your office requirements as each type of raised floor will adapt to specific applications. Let your office look sleek and professional with Access Floor Store’s premium quality raised flooring systems.

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